A Contributor to Florida’s Medical Marijuana Industry

In addition to being the executive chairman of WeedMD, George Scorsis has also worked in other highly-regulated industries, including alcohol and energy drinks. While his work in Florida is extensive, he has a special interest in the state’s medical marijuana industry. He also supports many other organizations and charities and splits his time between the United States and Canada. To find out more about George Scorsis, read on to learn more about his career and his contributions to society. Read more at https://medium.com/@george_scorsis/george-scorsis-liberty-health-sciences-a6158ccb28a2.

George Scorsis Florida

As a businessman, George Scorsis has made numerous contributions to the state of Florida. Recently, he acquired the Ontario-based Starseed, a company that is rapidly becoming a staple in the cannabis community in Florida. While Scorsis is a busy man, he is dedicated to making the medical cannabis industry more accessible and profitable for residents. The state of Florida has long been a strong advocate of the industry and Scorsis has been an active participant in it.

As a businessman, George Scorsis understands the unique needs of the medical marijuana industry. He has experience in energy drinks, alcohol, and medical cannabis. He has also received numerous emails from mothers who have children suffering from epilepsy. His mission statement and company name reflects his commitment to help people who need it. As a former CEO of a large company, Scorsis believes in establishing partnerships with organizations that support his mission.

Besides his role as president of Red Bull Canada, Scorsis also serves as the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences. At the time of writing, he has not been charged with any crimes. As far as the company’s future, Scorsis plans to continue to donate to various organizations and initiatives in Florida. The business is also committed to helping others with their needs. In this way, George Scorsis is a strong supporter of the medical cannabis industry in the state.

Founder of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis’ passion for the industry is an inspiring example. He has extensive experience in the medical cannabis industry, and focuses on making patients comfortable with using cannabis. He opened three Florida dispensaries and expanded his operations by acquiring Starseed’s production facility in Canada. He is also an advocate of medical marijuana in Florida. However, the decision to charge Scorsis is yet to be made by the State Attorney’s office.

As a businessman, George Scorsis has had his fair share of challenges. However, his success has been attributed to his dedication to his mission and his passion for helping people. He has also partnered with various organizations that support his cause and has made a significant impact in his local community. This is what makes his company so special. So, why is it such a good investment? Listed below are some of his key contributions to the state of Florida.

Founder and CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis has a diverse background in both e-commerce and the medical industry. He is a former CEO of Red Bull Canada and has been the CEO of WeedMD, a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida. The goal of WeedMD was to dominate the market and he has done just that. The company’s success is an indicator that Scorsis is still a passionate and capable businessman.

George Scorsis is an experienced executive in the medical marijuana industry. As executive chairman of WeedMD, he has over 15 years of experience in the highly regulated world of alcohol, energy drinks, and medical marijuana. He has also received emails from mothers whose children were suffering from seizures. Because of his passion for the industry, George has been able to make his company successful and popular. He aims to create a safe and regulated environment for marijuana users.

In addition to his work in the medical marijuana industry, George has been an executive with Liberty Health Sciences for over 15 years. His extensive experience spans e-commerce, the medical cannabis industry, and the energy industry. In addition to his expertise in these areas, he has worked as president of Red Bull Canada. As of this writing, George Scorsis is not facing any charges, but he is a strong advocate of the Florida medical marijuana industry.