A Guide to Corner Summerhouses

Corner Summerhouses

Many suppliers offer corner summerhouses that are based on a single design. Depending on the supplier, this design may be renamed or customized to fit a specific site. Despite the superficial differences, they are all essentially the same product. Also, not all suppliers deliver throughout the UK, and many charge an extra fee if you are located in a more remote area. Check before ordering to ensure that you can arrange delivery and assembly in your area.


The best place to start searching for a stylish corner summerhouse is the internet. Many manufacturers provide a basic design that many suppliers modify to fit their own preferences. The differences between one model and the next are minimal, though. You’ll also find that some suppliers ship to certain regions for an additional fee. If you plan to assemble your summerhouse yourself, be sure to check the options available and whether they can provide you with the materials and assembly instructions.


A practical corner summerhouse can give you the privacy and security you desire. These structures are built with heavy duty black mineral roofing felt that protects your belongings from the elements. Most are secured with a lock and key system to ensure the safety of your contents. You can add a door and window to the summerhouse for an extra touch of style. And if you are looking for a secure summerhouse that is easy to maintain, look no further than a practical corner summerhouse.


There are several advantages of durable corner summerhouses. They are made from superior quality materials, including pressure-treated wood and toughened glass. The windows and doors are glazed for extra security and comfort, and the building is made with double-glazed and multi-point locking systems. The construction is solid and sturdy and includes a quality bitumen-felt shingle roof. Some models also include double doors and windows.

Easy to construct

If you are considering building a corner summerhouse in your garden, you’re in luck! This quaint structure will add a beautiful accent to any garden, and the process is surprisingly easy. Each summer house comes complete with instructions and fixing kits to complete the job. Other essential parts include 44mm tongue and groove chalet cut timbers, wind braces, 19mm floor and roof boards, pre-treated foundation joists, and heavy-duty felt shingles.


A corner summer house is a perfect choice for small gardens because it does not take up any valuable space. These structures can be purchased online at an affordable price, making them an ideal choice for people who are on a budget. It can be difficult to find the right model, as they are widely dispersed online. Often, the same summer houses go by different names. That’s why it is important to take the time to research the different types of summerhouses before making your final decision.

Easy to maintain

When you’re looking for an easy to maintain summerhouse, consider a corner summerhouse. These structures are a perfect solution for those with smaller gardens, as they don’t take up valuable space. The best place to buy these summerhouses is online, as you’ll save time and money. A common mistake is to head straight to a large garden site and start browsing, only to find a confusing selection of models. These models often have the same name, so a bit of research is required.

Ideal for home office or garden studio

A well-designed outdoor space can be a great place to set up a home office or garden studio. Using a shepherd’s hut can make a great choice because it’s portable and can be fitted with a log burner. A shepherd’s hut is only one storey, so if you’d like to put your home office in the garden, you’ll need to find a suitable spot. A Grainstore Garden Building by Weston, Surman & Deane is an ideal choice. This quaint, rustic-looking shed can be illuminated and features a cedar slatted facade.