An Overview of Trigger Cappers

Trigger Capper

A trigger capper is a semi-automatic linear capper. It can fit dispensers in place of triggers and can be easily adjusted based on the size change. Another feature is an in-built caps transporter. These features make the Trigger Capper an excellent choice for many packaging applications. Read on to learn more. This article provides an overview of the various features of this semi-automatic linear capper. Read on to discover whether a trigger capper is right for your business.

Trigger Capper is a semi-automatic linear capper

The trigger spray bottle is a popular capping option for a wide variety of products. A fully automatic trigger capping system can be uneconomical for smaller production runs. Semi-automatic trigger capping systems are highly customizable, and can be adjusted for different bottle sizes and a variety of cap closures. A single head mechanical trigger capper can be set up to work with various types of metal closures and is CE certified for aluminium caps.

Most automatic capping machines can handle a variety of cap sizes and types. Semi-automatic and fully automatic models can handle a variety of container types, including flip tops, trigger tops, and sports caps. Many are adjustable to handle different caps and varying production rates. Automatic capping machines also rely on electricity to operate. The electrical requirements for these machines will vary based on how many containers you plan to process.

It can be configured to fit dispensers in place of triggers

A PMC “XRI” Series Trigger Capper is designed to sort all trigger pumps in one process. The ERI Series Trigger Capper has a larger format and accommodates larger containers. This system is capable of operating at 300 rpm. The PMC guidance system mechanically controls the curvature of the diptube and guides it positively into the container. It also holds all trigger pumps in place while applying them to dispensers.

It is adjustable based on the size change required

This capper is fully adjustable based on the size change required. The trigger insertion star can be raised or lowered, and a guide rod can be swiveled in or out. The guide rods help align the pump portion of the cap during the capping process. They are easily adjustable via guide rod clamps that lock in place after use. Once positioned, the Trigger Capper can be used at its maximum production speed.

It has an in-built caps transporter

This automatic capper has an in-built caps transporter. It is designed to sort caps up to 65 mm in diameter and handle packages up to 400 mm tall. The machine uses servo technology for high reliability and easy changeovers. The machine can handle metal and glass containers. The trigger and side capper can be easily interchanged. The machine can be adapted for various applications.

The engine of the capper machine consists of servers, motors, drives, and gripper discs. The latter control the capper’s speed and direction. The gripper discs increase the machine’s gripping strength and prevent caps from spilling or being misplaced. They also increase accuracy across the assembly line. Depending on the type of caps, the machine can reach speeds of up to 40 000 caps per hour.