Email Address Verification

Email address verification is essential to ensure that you are sending to valid email addresses. If your list contains a high percentage of invalid addresses, you are wasting your time and money and hurting your performance metrics. Email campaigns with invalid email addresses are routed into spam folders by major ISPs. Also, if you have an older email database, it is likely to contain a high percentage of dead weight. Not long ago, email marketers were judged by the size of their email databases.


MailboxValidator is an email address verification API that detects invalid emails. It uses a simple scoring system to determine whether an email address is valid. It also performs various other validations. It detects invalid emails, disposable email addresses, and email servers. MailboxValidator is easy to use and integrates easily into existing applications.

MailboxValidator is free to use and has no signup or account requirement. It can verify up to ten thousand emails in four hundred and ninety-eight minutes. This makes it the 12th fastest email address verification API, behind a handful of other products. The service also offers 100 free verification credits after signup. Additionally, the company offers unlimited email validation without registration. MailboxValidator offers good integration capabilities, and wrappers for seven programming languages are available.

You can also test whether an email address has a valid MX record on the server. This helps reduce the amount of validation checks. In addition, the validations that return false will skip other validations. For example, the is_syntax validation skips other validations, such as is_smtp and is_greylisted.


A service like Kickbox can help you prevent spam and other problems with your email lists. This service will perform a preliminary scan of your entire email list, checking for invalid email addresses and checking if the domain and email address are registered on the server. It will also flag any email addresses that may be risky and flag them accordingly. Whether you are sending emails to an existing list or a fresh one, it is essential to verify all the emails in your list.

The process of email address verification is fast and easy with email address verification Kickbox. It supports batch verifications of up to a million email addresses. The process is simple; you just need to drag and drop your contacts into the interface. You can also sort your contact list by ESP. If an email address is invalid, it will be automatically deleted from your database.


Gamalogic email address verification is an excellent tool to generate leads in bulk. Its simple interface and real-time email address verification make it easy to use. It also offers bulk uploading and importing via CSV and excel files. The service also has an API that allows real-time verification through API key.

Gamalogic is a cloud-based email address verification service that provides an API for developers to integrate with their systems. Its API enables developers to validate email addresses, send emails with verified addresses, and measure bounce rates. It also reduces the costs and resources needed to manually correct invalid data.

Gamalogic has an accuracy rate of 99%, does not cache results, and provides results in real time. It also offers a free trial of 500 credits. One downside to the service is the time required to process email addresses. Even if you have hundreds of emails to verify, the process can take quite a while. Moreover, you will not receive a results overview like those offered by other email address verification services.