Improving Customer Service With Tip Tech QMSA Software

In order for Tip Tech to make the most money possible from their systems, the company’s technicians must do their job with the highest level of skill and efficiency. And because every aspect of working at Tip is critical, the company’s software engineers must also be highly skilled in order to make their mark and add to the company’s bottom line. As one of the Tip Tech specialists puts it, “In order to sell Tip Tech systems, you have to be a geek. Not just a regular geek, but a geek who knows what he’s doing.” To become a geek in the eyes of your customers and employees, you need to be able to test and troubleshoot any issue that may come up as well as customize and upgrade any system on the blink of an eye. And when your software performs at its best, it can add to your company’s profitability in so many ways. Look at this site for more info.

A Tip Tech technician has learned how to tune the various components of a Tip hardware system, as well as how to troubleshoot them in a matter of minutes. This allows the technician to serve a wide variety of clients, giving him more time to spend with his family. Most businesses today require their employees to be available at all hours of the day and night because of the competitiveness of today’s economy. When a service like this is available, you can save money by not having to hire a new employee just to answer phone calls. You can cut your costs by not buying new software or hardware as well.

According to Tip Tech’s Software Product Owner, Robert DiClemente, “It’s a very simple way for me to make more money. Instead of spending my weekends at my office, I can go home during the weekend and use the software instead. The software takes care of all the administration for me. So instead of buying equipment or software and training employees, I’m able to keep my costs down by just paying for the Tip Tech software.”

For businesses who are considering investing in such technology, Tip Tech’s QMS software is something to seriously consider. According to Joseph DiClemento, “We have always had good support from our customers. But with Tip Tech we are getting great support – phone and e-mail. Our technicians are answering any question anyone has – real fast. It’s a great feeling knowing that the company you depend on to help you grow and support you is there when you need them.”

With Tip Tech’s QMS software, technicians can set up an appointment with a client at any hour of the day or night. The client calls the customer service number, selects the time of day ( PST ) they want to receive a response, and enters the system’s parameters – and the system sends an e-mail message. The QMS provides step-by-step instructions and data to the technicians. In some cases, the customer service representative can even provide live help if the system is having a problem or cannot access the software.

Because Tip Tech’s QMS software is easy to use and self-explanatory, it has led to an increase in calls to the call center. “People are much less embarrassed about calling us than they were before,” says DiClemento. “When they do call, they are able to talk to someone who is trained and able to solve their problem.” That means more productive and satisfied customers for Tip Tech – and better business for everyone.

According to DiClemento, “The biggest thing for us is the satisfaction of our customers. When they call, they feel like they are talking to a professional. And when they buy from us, they feel like we did the best we could with the resources we had – and with the knowledge we have to keep the system running smoothly.” Of course, that knowledge also helps to keep technicians busy with calls from new customers, adding to the company’s revenue stream. “After all, customers who call in with new problems or questions don’t have to wait around very long before somebody answers them,” says DiClemento.

The question of how technology can help a business remain relevant has been argued for years. One place to find out what your company can gain by using Tip Tech QMSA software is to look at the statistics provided by the software. According to a recent article in HR Executive Online, “tip techs are seeing improved customer satisfaction, a marked reduction in calls-to-the-phone and a noticeable improvement in return business.” Those benefits lead to “a more positive word-of-mouth strategy and increased loyalty.” A happier customer means a happier customer…which leads to happy employees, which leads to happy clients and happier customers.