North Gaia EC by Sing Goes Through a Tender Process

The development was first launched in 2005, but it has recently gone through a tender and received 5 bids. This demonstrates the easement in the property market and how developers are attempting to’modulate’ the demand in a popular district. Some analysts have noted the high bid by EL Development. However, other analysts have noted that the difference between the 4th and 1st bids is less than 10%. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether this tender process is a reflection of the reluctance of reputable developers or if the easement in the property market has pushed up the prices of other developers.

North Gaia EC by Sing Holdings

The location of North Gaia is ideal, and residents can easily walk to the nearby Junction 9 to access all sorts of shops and services. In addition to restaurants and shopping malls, the site will also have a food court, as well as a supermarket. The North Gaia EC by Sings Holdings will have a site area of approximately 21,518 square meters, with 600 apartments expected to be developed. The location is convenient, as it’s just 1.2 km away from the town centre and adjacent to the Yishun North-South Line Station. The nearby Yishun Bus Terminal is another option for those who wish to access the city from the north.

The North Gaia EC by Sing has a location of 680 square meters, with a maximum floor area of 60,240 square meters. It will have a total of 600 units, and its vicinity to Intersection 9 will allow residents to easily commute to work, shop, or dine. It’s easy to get to work, go out, or just relax at home with your family after a long day at work. The new development is also close to major malls such as the Northpoint City.

Sing Holdings has an established history of quality development. Founded in 1964, the company has a long list of prestigious developments. The development strives to build projects that exceed industry standards and provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle. Among its projects are Waterwoods, Meyer Residence, and Robin Residences. Sing Holdings’ latest project, the North Gaia EC by Sing is located near the MRT station.

The developer of this development is Sing Holdings. This company was established in 1964 and is listed on the Singapore Exchange. Its portfolio includes landed houses, private condominiums, industrial buildings, and a brand new neighborhood mall, Parc Botannia. Besides this, Sing Holdings is a public listed company in Singapore. With its long list of successful projects, it has a great reputation for building luxury properties.

Yishun Centre is home to the latest Executive Condominium by Sing Holdings Ltd. This property is located next to the popular Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. Besides being close to the business hub, it also has easy access to other parts of Singapore. It is near the MRT and Yishun Avenue 8 for easy access. The development is in a prominent location.

North Gaia EC is located on Yishun Avenue 9, between Yishun Close and Yishun Avenue 9. It is located 2km from Yishun MRT Station. The EC site is ideal for multi-generational and extended families. It is near the Sheng Siong Supermarket and Yishun 10 MRT station. It is also convenient for public transport.

This newly launched Executive Condominium is located between Yishun Avenues 8 and 9. It is the fourth EC in the district and is surrounded by a number of amenities. It is located within walking distance of a new neighborhood mall called Intersection 9. There are also many restaurants and grocery stores in the vicinity. The Yishun Centre is also connected to the north of Singapore by Yishun Avenue.

The project has a VVIP discount and is one of the most sought-after luxury condos in Yishun. Sing Holdings Limited’s ECs are also highly sought-after for their proximity to the lake. Besides offering a convenient location, this project also features a VVIP discount. The developer has a long list of successful projects in the region.