Pediatric Nephrologists Like Dr Emad Zaki

Dr Emad Zaki

Pediatric nephrologists like Dr. Emad Zaki are doctors who specialize in treating children with various disorders. Some of his specialties include Allergic Reaction and Abdominal Pain. Find out how you can contact him to learn more about his specialties. Dr. Zaki is affiliated with East Valley Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists in Phoenix. This article will give you the background information on Dr. Emad Zaki and his qualifications.

Dr. Emad L. Zaki is affiliated with East Valley Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists

If you are looking for a pediatrician in Scottsdale, AZ, then look no further. Dr. Emad Zaki is a board-certified physician who has been practicing in Scottsdale since 2006. His practice offers pediatric care for children of all ages. He has published several newsletters and has extensive training and experience in pediatrics. Listed below are his areas of expertise.

Dr. Emad Zaki has completed a pediatric residency and is board-certified in pediatrics. He specializes in pediatric pulmonology. Pediatricians can treat newborns, infants, children, and adolescents. He or she can perform physical exams, manage vaccinations, and monitor development milestones. They also treat respiratory diseases and diagnose illnesses. Pediatricians are experts in lung development, growth, and development. They are skilled in using invasive diagnostic methods to diagnose respiratory issues.

He is a pediatric nephrologist

Pediatric nephrologists are doctors who specialize in pediatrics. This includes the kidney and urinary tract. Their focus is on understanding the causes of kidney damage and how to prevent and treat kidney disease. They may also provide treatment for kidney failure, such as dialysis or renal replacement therapy. While Dr. Zaki has extensive experience in treating many types of pediatric kidney problems, he may not be able to treat your child’s condition completely.

Dr. Emad Zaki is a pediatric nephrologist in Mesa, Arizona. His specialization involves the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric kidney and urological problems. He is a top doctor in his field, having treated patients from birth to adolescence. His expertise has earned him numerous awards, including recognition from the Best Doctors list in the UK and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

He treats Abdominal Pain

Pediatrician Dr. Emad Zaki treats abdominal pain. His office is located in Scottsdale, AZ and provides primary care to children of all ages. His newsletter is available online for you to read. This may be helpful for your child with abdominal pain. Whether or not Dr. Zaki will treat your child depends on the individual case. It’s important to find a doctor who understands your particular situation.

Allergic Reaction

If you are looking for an expert in the field of Allergic Reaction, Dr. Emad Zaki might be the right choice for you. This doctor is affiliated with East Valley Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists. He also treats other conditions, such as Abdominal Pain and Anemia. He accepts many types of insurance, and his fee schedule is flexible. If you don’t have insurance, contact his office directly to discuss payment options and availability.


In addition to treating anemia, Dr. Emad Zaki treats other conditions as well, including abdominal pain and allergic reactions. He is affiliated with the East Valley Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists and is not accepting new patients. He is not accepting telehealth patients. To find out if Dr. Emad Zaki accepts insurance for your condition, please call the doctor’s office. He is a board-certified physician and has completed the required training.

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